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"Let your Kingdom Come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon the earth"

Natural Psychic Medium

Certified by The International School
 of Mediumship & Psychic Development


Melissa Alejandro is a Clairvoyant-Clairaudient-Clairsentient
She sees, hears and feels through the Spirit World.
Melissa also has experiences in memory form for instance she’ll remember
that someone told her something when in fact it did not physically happen.
Melissa is a natural born Psychic Medium and Healer. She has been a
Psychic Medium since the young age of three. She developed her abilities
and then became a certified psychic medium with The International
School of Mediumship and Psychic Development in 2007.

 Melissa was a member of The American Association of Psychics  

from June 2010 until June 2013. Throughout her entire
life she has been able to just look at a picture of a person and know
things about them. She is also able to hold a personal object in her
hand and know things about a person. She has been communicating
with the other side since she could speak.  By the time she started
kindergarten she found that her psychic medium abilities frightened
most people and were not accepted by most. She tried to cut off her
abilities but they  still seemed to come through without effort.
As an adult the experiences became more frequent and stronger so
she decided to develop them. She is able to get information from
the spirit world regarding missing persons just from seeing
news reports on TV. She can also enter ‘haunted’ houses and
speak to the entity residing in the home either directly or
through her guides.
Melissa is able to channel the Universal
Energy to perform Healing Work for those in need.


Melissa Alejandro

(513) 207 0792

Email--- Melissa@cincypsychic.com

     PO Box 268 Cleves Ohio 45002


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