Queen City Psychic-Medium

Deciding to Open Up


At the age of thirty-two I awoke one morning and was making my bed while listening to the news. There was a report about a young blonde woman who was missing and I thought to myself “I wonder what happened to her” and a voice answered back so clearly. “She’s dead.” I was stunned but not completely surprised so I replied “if she’s dead then where is her body”? “Along side the freeway, he killed her” and then I saw a big rig and I asked “what freeway”? Then I heard “seventy-?” and I couldn’t make out if I was hearing 71, 74

or 75. But they did tell me that they would find her body. A few days later they found her body along side of the freeway I-71 and they caught the trucker that killed her. I knew at that moment that I wanted to develop my abilities to their fullest potential for I would be able to help a lot of people, the living and the dead.  I began to watch the news and focus on the missing and murdered and found that the majority of the information that spirit and the other side gave to me was confirmed as accurate.

But I still did not know where to go to develop my skills.


Melissa Alejandro (513) 207 0792


     PO Box 268 Cleves Ohio 45002