Queen City Psychic-Medium


The Gift of Healing


After Reading my Astrology Chart at the age of thirty-two which stated that I was a natural at performing hands on healings I had asked a woman who was in pain from a urinary tract infection if I could try it on her. She allowed me to since she had also read my chart earlier. I placed my hands on her lower abdomen and began to feel the energy come through me. I kept my hands on her for about fifteen minutes or so until I knew to stop. When it was over her pain was gone and she said to me “how did you know where it hurt”? I replied “you told me”

and she said “no I didn’t" and I argued “yes you did” and we went back and forth for a moment until I realized that she indeed did not reveal where the pain was and that it was in fact Spirit guiding me. I knew at that moment that this would be my life’s work.


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