Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music....Angela Monet

Sun in Pisces

Moon in Aquarius

Ascend in Sagittarius

Queen City Psychic-Medium


Former Member of The American Association of Psychics 6/10---6/13

Certified by The International School of Meduimship & Psychic Development

The Prayer of Protection

The Light of God surrounds us

The Love of God enfolds us

The Power of God protects us

The Presence of God watches over us

Wherever we are God is and all is well


"Let your kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon the earth." Matthew 6:10

I Am A Natural Psychic Medium...Not Classroom Trained

I Am Able To Do Any Type of Reading 

My Readings Are Not Dubious...They Are Detailed

I Do Not Work Hot Lines or Psychic Fairs


Missing Persons--Crimes--Hauntings--Houses--Pets

Past Lives--Messages from Spirit--Energy Flow

Business Opportunity--Business Consulting

I am able to Look at a Picture and Know a Persons

Personality--Character Traits--Behavior Patterns and MORE

I am able to do Remote Viewing

I have experienced Remote Viewing since the 1980’s

I have been experiencing Remote Viewing without effort since Early 2012


I am able to communicate with The Other Side and Other Dimensions

(Please Provide a Photo and if possible a Belonging of Person)

Everyone is different and they communicate in different ways

Some of them I hear in My Mind. Others I may hear as if they’re in the room

So Far ALL of them are able to Show Me

And Most of them cause me to Feel

It’s however they choose to communicate and what works easiest for them

AND it takes a lot of Energy for them to Communicate on our vibration

Psychic & Medium Readings

For psychic or medium readings you need to be relaxed as much as possible.

My Higher Self Joins With Your Higher Self and We Connect

The more willing and relaxed you are…..the faster I will Connect with you

I have found that most persons on Anti-Depressants take longer to connect with

And I am Not able to Read persons under the influence of Street Drugs

Group Readings

Group Readings, both psychic and medium are done individually.

I will come to your location if in the greater Cincinnati Area

For the best results please plan to keep noise and interruptions to a minimum

It is difficult to hear Spirit Speak with background noise



Melissa Alejandro (513) 207 0792

     PO Box 268 Cleves Ohio 45002


Excellent source of advice and uncanny ability to pick up names of those who
have passed. If you want to know the truth, I highly recommend Ms. Alejandro.
She has a no-nonsense approach and was very accurate with what she had to
tell me. Write down anything that doesn't make sense and keep it handy for
referral later. It will come to pass. Thanks, Melissa, and I will call again. 

Newport IS Haunted

Our Psychic

Melissa Alejandro has lent her amazing psychic abilities to our
team. For more information about Melissa and the work she
does check out and 9/5/09


Thank you again for the reading it is very comforting to talk to you and I will
be in touch again. 
Dearest Melissa,
Melissa, you are a true angel... every time I think of you I feel warmth... I
thankyou for all that you have done and your support which is still continuing.
Thank you so very much!!!!!!!! I will keep you updated as to what's going on.
Thank you so much for caring and understanding, and your gift! You truly are
gifted. Warmest regards,
I recently had my first reading with Melissa and was absolutely amazed!  She
is very accurate with names, personality and physical traits.  She also knew
exactly what all is going on in my life right now and what I had already been
through. She just hit the nail on the head with so many things!  She gave me
GREAT insight of what will be coming my way in the future.  I will definitely
be back to see her and will also recommend her to friends &
It was so wonderful to meet you today.  Again, thank you so very much for
yourinsight and your accuracy.  I found a great deal of reaffirmation and
inspiration in our conversation. Again, thank you... so so so very much.  You
are a very special woman; I look forward to speaking again! Warmly 
Hi Melissa,
You were right. Thanks,
I just had a reading with Melissa, She is AWESOME.. she knew things that of
course I never told her and she is very very good at what she does. She helped
me see things that I thought were there but couldn’t confirm…I will definitely
call on her again. I would love to talk to her for everyday advice but I know I
can’t do that so I will have to wait and I will gladly do that. Thank you again
for the best time ever.  
Hi Melissa!
I'm not sure if you remember me. I came to your home this past
fall and you gave me an amazing reading! There have been
a lot of major
changes in my life over the past almost year, and I'd really love another
PS:  You totally called my boyfriend, by name... before I ever met him!! :)
Thank you so much I really appreciate it.  You have helped me more
than you know. Continue to do what you do, it really does make a difference
in peoples lives.  Thank you again. Sincerely, 
Hi Melissa,
You were right about there being a brunette in the picture the last
time we spoke. I have to admit, I did not believe u 100%. I am in town this
week and would like to do another reading
Thank you for the Healing Touch/Reiki treatments. After the first
treatment, the pain and the spasms lessened quite a bit. After the second
treatment, the spasms & pain were totally gone. I did have a bit of what I
call a healing soreness in places where I didn’t have pain before. Now I can't
believe it but my back is fine, no pain, at all and it's been several months since
our session. Today I feel great and am grateful for your help. I'm A very happy
client! Bless You
Hi Melissa,
Thank you for your honesty and candor during my reading! I
appreciate and respect those qualities and wanted to let you know how
grateful I am for your insights. I really enjoyed the reading & appreciate
the time you spent with me. The whole experience was insightful & I am
grateful to have had it. I will call on you again!
Hi Melissa,
It happened exactly like you said! You told me that I would meet
a man named Jose from the internet and that there would be a strong
physical attraction but that he would lack motivation and have no money
and would be a financial burden on me. Well I met him from the internet
and his name is Jose. I am so very attracted to him but he immediately told
me he had no money and asked me to pay for his ticket to move here. You
are awesome!!! Please let me know when you are available for a follow up.
Thank you so very much!!!
Thank you for a great reading Melissa. I enjoyed it a lot. It gave me peace in
my heart. I'll keep in touch. Blessings to you.
I had my first reading with Melissa.  I was blown away as to how good she
really is and very accurate as I soon learned later.  I had shown Melissa a
group picture of my husband and his siblings.  Immediately she picked up
on my husband's youngest brother, that he was experiencing some problems
in his chest area down into his stomach.  A few nights ago, we ran into my
husband sister and she was telling us about their youngest brother.  She
described his problems exactly the way Melissa had about 3 weeks earlier.
My husband and I both just looked at each other in amazement. Melissa is
the first real intuitive I've been too.  She has been accurate on some other
things for us, therefore, I will continue to use ONLY her in the coming
future. Thank you Melissa


I wanted to formally thank you for my reading!  Both myself and Kelly
were very impressed!  We hope to schedule with you again soon.  Have a
great week!

Melissa has been helping me with the changes I have been going through
in my personal life for the past several months. She told me back in November
that I will have a couple of weeks off of work and earlier this month I was
off work for 13 days. She is incredible! She also told me that the person that
was no longer involved with me at the time would come back and he did. I
did not believe her at the time because it seemed so final that he was gone for
good. Work-wise, she told me that I would be involved with some kind of
clerical work -- my new job is a front desk receptionist. I am also studying to
become a legal assistant, which was not in the agenda when she gave the first
reading back in September. Melissa is the real deal and she does not pull back
her punches, but she is honest and makes me think. As a psychic myself, I
highly recommend Melissa's work. It is spirit-filled and she will not disappoint
you ever. She gives you the truth, which is greatly appreciated. Melissa is the
best Blessings,
I hope you are doing well. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you so
much and  you helped me more than anyone ever could. I was having such
a rough time in my life and you were there for me. You are so down to earth
and a beautiful caring person. I feel like God guided me to you and I will
definitely call you in the future.  God Bless You for you are truly gifted in
so many ways
Hey its Marni,
You had done a reading for me like a week an a half said id meet
someone else.. I did :) and his name is Keith.
Ok. Here is validation for you. Asked Mark last night who or what uncle was
bill .. He said it was his mothers brother he hasn't seen in 30 years he didn't
know if he was alive or dead.
Melissa, you are so amazing. I knew you were hitting facts when you read me
but some of what you said  I didn’t really think would happen. Well I just
wanted you to know you were right. Some of it I didn’t even remember until
I listened to the tape you gave me. I’ll be back Love to you! Keep on keep’n on!!
Oh my God, LOL.  Melissa, it didn't come to me right away during the
reading last night. Ruth York is my grandmother on my father's side.  She
passed several years ago. Now, here's the thing.  When we were kids, our
uncles used to mess with us for the fun of it.  When they crossed the line,
Grandma would grab a stick, or a cane, and chase after them.  If she caught
them, she'd whop them with it. Another thing.  She considered my mother
her adopted daughter. That's how close they were.  They were frequently
seen together. She was a very loving, supporting woman;  completely
intolerant of stupidity.  The family meant everything to her. LOL, I'd
better go buy some olive oil.  If it's her, she'll bust those guys with that cane.
Hey Melissa I wanted to write and tell you that when you told me about my
car and that it needed what you thought was a water pump but a lot more..
it was definitely a water pump!!! and more. WOW yea also…so many things
that you have said have been right on. I won’t go into detail, but I wanted to
let you know Melissa you’re the best. Thanks for everything.
Update about the people you saw in my house – I woke up during the middle
of the night after a short dream where there were 5 people (3 women and 2
men) around me talking quietly to me and each other. There was an older
man off to the side and he was repeatedly writing notes and passing the note
to me. His name is Walter.
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