Queen City Psychic-Medium


Opening the Door


In 1995 I decided to seek the help of an internationally renowned psychic in Cincinnati, Ohio. I knew that a dead guy had been following me since I was a child and needed to confirm it and to see why he was with me all of those years. I had seen his head without a body at the age of fifteen. He sacred me and thatís when I started praying for God to not allow me see dead people. I didnít mind him being around as long as he didnít show himself to me.  After meeting with the psychic she explained things to me. She was able to give a very accurate reading and

I then realized that I never lost my powers and that I had just let them lay dormant out of fear. I decided it was time to open it up so I decided to openly seek persons that shared the same interest and experiences which wasnít easy but was possible I knew it was time to unlock and open up the door to the other side.


Melissa Alejandro (513) 207 0792


     PO Box 268 Cleves Ohio 45002