Queen City Psychic-Medium


The Psychic Adult


When I was twenty-five years old I woke up one morning and had a full complete memory of encountering spiritual beings at the age of three. They had shown me my life. I understood the past and why I had chosen everything that I had done and I even knew the next two years of my future as well as national events. They explained to me my purpose in life. It sounds crazy and sometimes I wondered if I was crazy but I would make predictions and they would come true. I remembered how psychic I was as a child and desperately wanted my powers back.

(Thatís what my father used to call them when I was preschool age) At that time I was unable to focus at will. But once again for a short period objects would move across the room by themselves and I was still frightened by it and unable to handle it. I had no one to talk to about my experiences and didnít know where to turn. I wanted communication with the other side but feared it. So I once again decided to cut off my psychic abilities the best I could. But it still came through when it wanted to no matter how hard I tried to stop it.


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