The Psychic Child


I was psychic to the extreme as a young child. At the age of three I would carry on conversations

 with spirits. Objects and furniture would move by them selves through our home. Lights would

come on by themselves as well. I remember my parents feeling that our house was haunted

and we would move only to find the same experiences happening once again. I was able to

just look at a person and know things about them. I would get confused with time. For instance

I would speak of things and events that had not happened yet in the past tense. I had a hard

time relating to other children and teachers because I could feel their energy. I was told that

I had to stop using my psychic powers at the age of five so I reluctantly did so. But they still

came through when it came to my personal protection and the dead started to come through

especially at night. At the ages of six thru eight I spent a lot of time drawing pictures mostly

of faces. Many of those drawings were of crime scenes. Frightened spirits would come to me

at night when I tried to sleep. I could hear their muffled voices and see their transparent faces.

Some of them were lost and all of them were scared. And I was just as frightened as they were.

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