Queen City Psychic-Medium


The Psychic Teen


By the time I was twelve my abilities once again would kick in strongly. Furniture started moving around by itself once again. Lights would come on by themselves. I knew it wasnít the house that we lived in because we moved often, every couple of years. I had several experiences where I would see flesh and blood looking spirits in our house and even out doors. I would think that they were living breathing human beings only to find out that they werenít living or breathing at all. I would know before things would happen but now my friends were intrigued instead of frightened. People would call me a witch in which I didnít like. A neighbor taught me to read cards so I got into doing that for a short while and I was

extremely accurate. Once again I saw that a lot of people were bothered by my abilities. When I was fifteen I decided to cut off seeing those whom had passed on. Every day and every night especially in the night I would pray God please donít let me see any dead people.


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