Website Transparency 

Is their full Legal Name listed? Is there a Photo of them? Is there a service price list? Is the address listed? Have you read The Reviews? Have you researched for complaints? Does the website pop up at the top because it’s ORGANIC or a PAID AD?


*A Legitimate, Reliable, Confident True Psychic or Psychic Medium Has Nothing To Hide and IS Totally Transparent! A Successful Psychic Medium Doesn’t have To Pay For Full Time Advertisement. It’s About “Word of Mouth” and “Repeat” Business.


Psychic Attack or Curse 

Chances are, you do NOT have a curse! Do NOT Pay anyone to remove a curse or evil attachment! If in fact, you have attracted something undesired or have negative issues going on, No One can remove it  or change it but YOU! 

This “curse” and “attachment” removal is something that I have heard about quite often for many years now. Believe it or not there are some people that actually pay $1,000’s for “curse” removal only to find that they have been scammed. 

*If you keep experiencing the SAME Bad Luck or Failed Relationships then it’s probably because you have formed a “Subconscious Pattern” of Negative Behavior or Attraction. The Universe, God and Spirit will keep bringing IT to you until you Learn, Until YOU Acknowledge and Awaken.

YES, there is Voodoo, Santeria and Black Magic. However, if Your karma, Your Reflection is not subject to dark forces or “Spells” then they cannot attach to you.  ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT, IT ALWAYS HAS AND IT ALWAYS WILL! 


Love Spells 

This is just another Rip-Off Scam! My Questions For You Are…… Why would you even want someone whom is not in love with you to fall in love with you? Why would you want to force something on someone? Why would you want to interfere with “freewill?” Do Not Pay For a Love Spell! It’s a Scam!


Spiritual Journeys 

You can NOT buy spirituality. You can NOT buy a spiritual journey. You can buy a ticket or a seat to an event or gathering or reading but that certainly doesn’t guarantee that You’ll Ascend or Awaken or Experience anything out of the ordinary.

*If you want to develop or open yourself up, you have to think, Body – Mind – Spirit. 

**Nutrition, your food and drink intake is Everything! You Are What You Eat! So Know What You Are Actually Eating. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Reverse Osmosis Water! Majority of the bottled water from the store is not Fluoride Free and contains Plastic Particles and has an Acidic pH Balance. Getting off of Fluoride IS A Must Do if you want to AWAKEN! 

**If you’re looking to develop Spiritually then meditate, Meditate, MEDITATE!!! Just once a day for 15 – 30 minutes. 

It is said to Meditate for 24 minutes, one minute for each hour of the Day 

Don’t worry about doing it right……It’s All about “INTENT.” Just focus on your breathing and for those of you whom have “mind chatter.” Write it all down on a piece of paper immediately prior to meditating. For beginners, or if you’re really stressed out, it’s best to lay down to meditate. 

And Bottom Line, Your SOUL, Your Higher-Self KNOWS When You Are Ready!



It’s a Fact that people are able to read energy and body language, same as animals, and some people are naturally gifted at it. It happens every day in every field of work and social and family encounter Doesn’t matter who you are, all you have to do is Pay Attention. It’s the “Empath” or “Sensitive” in all of us. You All Already Know That We All Sense! Scammers read your body language and allow you to ask specific questions and and play off of that. I have No Doubt that many Are Actually Gifted Psychics/Mediums. BUT What Are They Channeling?

Are They Working IN The (CHRIST) Light or NOT?