It Takes a Lot of Energy To Stand Between The Worlds, For Both The Medium and Spirit. It Involves a lot of Energy, a High Frequency & Vibration To SEE and To HEAR Spirit Speak Clearly. I Do Ask That You Refrain From Telling Me ANYTHING At All Regarding Your Reading Except For Of Course Your Name and Contact Information. I Do NOT Allow Questions Prior To Your Reading For Good Reason. It IS Way Better For Me and Your Reading if You Do NOT Volunteer Information. I Am A Legitimate True Natural Born Psychic Medium NOT A Fortune Teller Playing Off of Words, Being Led By Questions and Body Language.   Believe It or Not I AM Able To Answer Your Questions without  You Verbally Asking and Hit Your Area of Concern without You Leading Me. Isn't that what a true Psychic Medium is supposed to do??

There Are NO LOVE SPELLS and There Are NO CURSE REMOVAL Procedures. Please Do NOT Buy The FARCE. It's a Rip Off! Trust Me ON This Fact. I Hear IT Over & Over. 

MEDIUMSHIP Preparations & Expectations

Please Plan To Record Your Reading


Do NOT get locked in on “THIS is who I want to only communicate with and this is what I want to hear” Quite Often People miss something important because they get locked in with a closed focus. 

I Move Slowly but Accurately. The less interruption, the faster and easier it is to Connect.

Mediumship does not move as quickly as what you see on TV. Trust me, I certainly know for a fact that there is a lot of editing and re-enacting on TV. 

I’m going to take your hands to connect with you. I’ll ask you to say your Full NAME and AGE. I’ll then ask you for an object that only you wear or use to hold for energy purposes. AFTER I Connect with you and/or The OtherSide, then you can give me your photos and/or belongings.

Please Answer YES – NO - I Don’t Know ONLY. Spirit does not understand……Shaking of The Head or UH-HUH’s or UNH-UH’s 


It takes a lot of energy for them, and for me to communicate. With most of them, I do not hear complete sentences in a solid/solvent voice. Most communication is telepathic. All of them can flash pictures or impress feelings. Their time and evolvement on The Other-side makes a difference. Just like here, we are all on different levels and we are all evolving.

PSYCHIC Preparations & Expectations 

Please Plan To Record Your Reading

Expect Accuracy. I Can See The PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE. I Can See The Next Chapter and Final Outcome. . I can see what  hinders you and what  helps you. I can see patterns and where and how they were learned or formed. A Psychic Reading IS ABOUT What A Legitimate True Psychic/Medium Reads from You and Not What You Want To Hear. Please Keep IN Mind That Sometimes When Doing a PSYCHIC READING, that THIS Psychic Medium Has People From The Other-Side Come Through Unexpectedly.